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Long-term Car Parking Service at O.R Tambo

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Reliable and secure overnight vehicle Parking Services now available at the lowest rates.

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Peace of mind

Our parking areas are safe and secure.

Car wash service

We offer a free car wash when we park your car.

Airport Car Parking Services is now

Ultimate Airport Parking Services


We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of our company and how this change will benefit you.

We are delighted to announce that our company name will be changing to Ultimate Airport Parking Services, Formerly known as Airport Car Parking Services.

We’re still the same dedicated team, just with a new look and space to grow.

We’re excited about our ongoing journey and our daily endeavor to remain Trusted in Secure Long-term Airport Parking for your vehicle.

We are dedicated to making your traveling life easier.

In offering Long-term Car Parking at O.R Tambo Airport we’ve developed a system that takes the hassle out of parking at the airport. No more searching for a parking space, riding in an inconvenient shuttle bus, or trying to remember where you parked your car. Our friendly staff will make your trip hassle-free. Book with us today.

We collect your vehicle at OR Tambo Departures.
We are ready with a trolley to assist you with luggage.
We're waiting kerbside at Arrivals upon your return.
Reliable professional staff and service.

Our exclusive overnight parking service includes the following

Our Parking Facility

We are only 6 KM from OR Tambo Airport. Your vehicle is strictly driven to and from OR Tambo without deviation of any kind. Vehicles are parked immediately when they get onto site.

Our Vehicles & Drivers

Our comprehensive insurance covers your car while in possession of our drivers to and from our parking. Drivers are all licensed, insured and over the high risk age of 25. Punctuality promised. 

Clean Car

A free wash and vacuum is included. The service is weather permitting  and applies to long term bookings only or upon request. 

R80 per calendar day and the price decrease to R60 per calendar day from the 6th day onward, with a free car wash service!

Always Ready To Serve

Our drivers will meet you at the airport in our famous uniform for easy and clear identification. Be safe and look out for your trusted ACPS driver. Long lines, flight delays and Airport parking lots at capacity make an already difficult experience of parking even more stressful. We meet you at the airport upon arrival, assist with your luggage, park your car safely, and always have your sparkling clean car waiting upon return.

Some of our customer reviews

Very excellent service that gives you peace of mind. Drive your car to the airport, leave it there, come back and your car is there clean/washed and waiting for you.

PEACE OF MIND especially after a long flight.

David Mphuthi

Thank you Themba and team for the fantastic service. Being stranded in Bali for 7 weeks wasn’t easy. One of our many comforts was lnowing that you were looking after our car. Your offer to keep the car there during lockdown and agreeing to deliver my car to the quarantine site is greatly appreciated. You will be highly recommended to everyone we know.

Stacey Peacock

Brilliany service!!! I’ve been using ACP for years. They are always on time. Professional, but friendly and my car is always returned in clean undamaged condition. I once went on a trip and forgot something in the car. Came back and it was right there where I left it untouched. Great rates that’s why I always come back. Keep it up guys.

Zunaid D

Some of the brands we have worked with

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