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Any traveling requires preparation. However, while traveling for work, especially by flight, you need to be more careful. Preparing poorly for a business trip would have serious repercussions, such as losing a potential high-value client.

The following is a checklist of crucial things to consider before flying.

1.      Travel documents

If you are flying abroad, check the expiration of your passport. You should check your passport as early as possible because passport renewal requires weeks not days.

Depending on where you are traveling, you might have to get mandatory vaccinations.

2.      Create a packing checklist

Imagine getting to an important meeting abroad only to realize a file you need is an ocean away. To avoid forgetting anything, create a list of everything you need, particularly things you need for work such as contracts and business cards.

3.      Inform your banks and credit card companies about your trip

For security reasons, financial institutions freeze your cards if they are used outside of the usual area. Inform your banks you will use your card outside the country to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to access the funds in your cards.

4.      Airport parking

If you are going to get to the airport in your car, airport parking is an important consideration. Of course, you have other options such as using a cab, Uber, airport shuttle services, or having a friend take you. But, parking your car in the airport offers more convenience when you get back from your trip. You need not wait for anyone.

That said, airport parking requires strategic planning:

  • Duration: Different parking lots and services cater for different durations. Also, the duration determines the most convenient place to park.
  • Timing: On busy airport days such as Fridays, and peak seasons such as Summer, the parking area is limited.
  • Location: The distance between the parking and the terminal is essential, especially if you have a lot of luggage or your physical condition does not allow much walking.
  • Cost: You need to figure out if you can afford the parking. Of course, the longer you park, the more you pay. If you find lots inside the airport expensive, consider off-site parking locations near the airport.
  • Plan B: On the day of your flight, you might find that your preferred lot is full. Therefore, it is in your best interests to investigate several parking lots. Besides, you should leave your home early enough to have enough time to cater for such inconveniences.
  • Choose a parking spot carefully: Pick an oversized spot or one at an edge to minimize the risk of someone else hitting your car. Note that airport parking lots are enormous; therefore, confusing. So, write down the parking section and spot number before you leave for the terminal.

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